Kali Curriculum

Kali Curriculum is the worldwide standard for martial arts schools looking to complement their own curriculum by providing easy to implement, quality Kali programs that will help to increase student enrollment for new and existing school owners and instructors.

Kali Curriculum introduces the indigenous art of kali to the martial arts community in two age specific programs:

  1. Children
  2. Teens & Adults


Kali-4-Kids utilizes a new, fresh philosophy in its curriculum: Learn to teach and teach to Learn. This method gives children a formula for success to apply to all areas of their lives. The Kali4Kids Program is specifically designed to complement school owners existing programs and meet the needs of young martial artists. Rooted deep in the history of a proven martial art, the curriculum has been developed as an art for modern times for children of all ages.

Kali Combat

Kali Combat the Kali Combat program is geared for mature teens and adults who wish to learn the practical applications of the bladed art of Kali. Instruction begins right away with weapon training; if you can perfect a technique with a weapon, the open hand versions of the technique seem simple in comparison. Traditional weapons include the stick and knife, and lead to joint manipulation and ground fighting in themed sparring drills. Discover the cultural history of the Philippines as you progress through the practical application of a street wise martial art taught to police and military forces.


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